Headdresses & Backpieces

Our headdresses are hand crafted by our professional tailors, using special wire construction. They can be bent and shaped to fit your head comfortably. Our backpack also uses special wire construction. It will bend under your arms and wrap around the shoulders to stay in place. You can bend it in different ways according to what is comfortable.
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B023N Victoria Secret Feather Devil White Angel Wings
H788C Vine Flower Snake Serpentine Armor Prince Princess Warrior Backpack
C0733 Samba Headdress Men Man Costume Set
C794 Dancing Flower Costume Set
H794 Dancing Flower Headdress
H797 White Victoria Headdress
T026D Samba Parade Drag Crystal Costume Set
B803 Victoria Secret feather Wings Backpack
H802 Joker Alien Crystal Headdress
C801 Moon Girl Costume Set
B0398 Vegas Samba Brazil Feather Pink Kitty Backpiece
H796 Victoria Headdress
C796 Victoria Costume Set
H795 Colorful of Forest Headdress
C792 Black Widow Costume Set
H790 Empress of Forest Headdress
H788 Vine Flower Snake Serpentine Armor Prince Princess Warrior Backpack
H786 Queen of Yak Headdress
H785 King Of Viking Headdress
C785 Asian Powerful King Pageant Crystal Headdress Costume Set
Blooming Flower Backpack
H784 Wavy Curly Pretty Girl Headdress
H783 Queen of Mermaid Ocean Princess Headdress
H782 Ship of the Ocean Princess Headdress
H781 Bisan Avatar Princess Headdress
H780 Seaweed Asian Princess Headdress
H779 Shell Sea Ocean Water Poseidon Headdress
C787 Chinese Nobleman Costume Set
C071C Lace Mermaid costume set
M751 Eagle Warrior Leg bands
H776 Gold Giant Snake Headdress
Cockroach Roach Bug Insect Grasshopper Cricket Headdress Costume Set
Ant Man Bug Insect Bee Headdress Wings Costume Set
C058H Gold Horse Unicorn Stallion Headdress
Red Orange Fire Sun Heat Fuel Flame Backpack
Blue Butterfly Flower Rose Nature Valentine Costume Set
Cockroach Roach Bug Headdress
C736 Leaf Backpack
H769 Samurai Angel Headdress
B047 Butterfly Blue Angel Wings Backpack
H766 Queen of Medusa Headdress
ISIS2 Warrior Vegas Taboo Gold Silver Wings
H1233 Queen Cleopatra Egypt Pharoah Headdress
H1234 Pharaoh Egypt Cleopatra King Cobra Snake Headdress
H084N Egypt Madonna Super Bowl Crystal Studded Headdress
C764 Hawk Angel Backpack
H762 Chinese Rabbit Headdress
H761 The Whole Nagas King Headdress
H760 Giant Flower Angel Headdress
H759 Vast Star Majestic Angel Headdress
H758 King of Nagas Headdress
H762 Giant Lotus Angel Headdress
H757 Queen of Nagas Angel Headdress
H756 Sunny Angel Headdress
H755 Red Diamond Angel Headdress
C754 Blade Ocean Angel Costume Set
C0733 Carnival Rio Headdress Costume Set
C074 Men Samba Parade Rio Headdress  Costume Set
HQC742 Shiny Crystal Headdress
H739 Showy WIG Crystal Bob bang Short Hair Wig