Headdresses, Wings, & Backpack

Our headdresses, backpack, Angel wings are hand crafted by our professional tailors, using special wire construction. They can be bent and shaped to fit your head comfortably. Our backpack also uses special wire construction. It will bend under your arms and wrap around the shoulders to stay in place. You can bend it in different ways according to what is comfortable.

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H543 Star Cosmos Crystal Showgirl Dance pageant Headdress
C913 Parrot King Costume Set
H914 Aquaman Headdress
C004X Gigantic Ruffle Coat Jacket
H020J Queen Crown Crystal Beaded Showgirl Headdress
H0229 Wonder Bird Pageant Feather Headdress
C912 Warrior Leather Headdress Costume Set
H562 White Unicorn Showgirl Headdress without horn
H910 Waterfall Queen Backpiece Headdress
C909 Sexy Robot Costume Set
B905 Peacock Angel Wings Backpiece
C904 New GenS Girl Costume Set
H903 Roman Warrior Headdress
H902 Queen of Red Eagle Headdress
C027NN Carnival Brazilian Rio Carnival Samba Dance Bra Belt Headdress Dress Costume set
B044 Elegant Feather Top Samba Backpack Shoulder Piece
C899 Strong Girl Costume Set
C711R Shining Angel Headdress and Backpack
C050N Ostrich Victoria Secret Samba Angel Wings
B043N Gigantic White Ostrich Feather Angel Wings
H896 Queen of Mermaid Headdress
H895 Amanda Queen of Dragon Headdress
H894 Hera Queen of Hell Leather Headdress
B892 Chinese Dragon Backpiece Wings
H889 Egypt Snake Headdress
H873S The Flower Alien Backpack Shoulder Piece
H887 Anubis Egypt Alien Headdress
M535S Cher Bugle Beaded Hat Wig
C874A Snake King Parade Costume Set
B870A Little Princess Backpack
C874 Lotus Queen Parade Costume Set
B879 Fairy Forest Backpack
H878 Astronaut Alien Headdress
B877 Gold Falcon King Backpack
B880 Witch Queen Backpack
H881 Shell Princess Headdress
B882 Eagle King Bird Backpack
CLED Light Circle Round Back Piece Shoulder Piece
C848 Flower Queen Backpiece Costume Set
Da NeeNa C849 Medusa Monster Crystal Dancer Samba Backpiece Costume Set
C849B Medusa Monster Backpiece
M535Y Cher Bugle Beaded Hat Wig
H822 Chameleon Alien Monster Headdress
H840A The Maze Queen Headdress
H866 Medusa Princess Headdress
B870 Medusa Queen Backpack
H873 The Flower Alien Headdress
H872The Pocahontas Alien Headdress
C871 Tribal Bride Costume Set
H704 Drag Pharaoh Crystal Egypt Cleopatra Cabaret Snake Headdress
HQC17 Miss Universe World America Princess Crystal Headdress Crown
HQC6 Showgirl Ballet little Princess Crystal Headdress Crown Tiara
HQC7 Showgirl Ballet little Princess Crystal Headdress Crown Tiara
087G La Tour Eiffel dame de fer Paris France Eiffel Tower Showgirl Headdress
C854 The Hawk Wizard Witch Crystal Shoulder Skirt
B852 The Big Rose Princess Wings Backpack
B854 Tree Branch Black Coral Queen Backpack
B853 The Big Orchid Princess Wing Backpack
C061W Iron Hero Men Male Warrior Mohawk Costume Set
Neon Vinyl Lower Corset
Tight Sequin Man Men Catsuit
C041B Vegas Circle Burlesque Showgirl Backpack
H191 Queen of Circle Crystal Showgirl pageant Headdress
BLK2L Sexy Witch Black Showgirl Feather Backpack Bugle Beaded Leotard
H0052S Princess Feather Butterfly Feather Showgirl Headdress
H002 Sequin Headdress Showgirl Hat Cap Wig
C041H Vegas Circle Burlesque Showgirl Headdress
C0733M Parade Rio Samba Costume Set
C844 Black Swan Lady Backpeice Headdress
WHITE Swan Showgirl Headdress Showgirl
C843 Grand Crab Alien Costume Set
H840 The Last Samurai Crystal Headdress
H837 Seaweed Princess Crystal Headdress
H836 Golden Swan Princess Crystal Headdress
H839 The Grand monster Crystal Pageant Headdress
H838 The Monster Hunter Crystal Mask Headdress
H838 The King of Monster Crystal Mask Headdress
H835 Phoenix Egyptian Prince Headdress
C830Cute Vegas Cabaret Showgirl Drag Dancer Burlesque Costume set
H020C Queen Crown Angel headdress with clear beads and crystals Headdress
H781A The Aventure Poseidon Princess Headdress
H093A Tropical Blooming Flower Fruit headdress
H093 Blooming Flower headdress
B827 Haute Couture Princess Backpiece
H826 Earring Lady Crystal Headdress
H806 Indian Angel Headdress
C026 Warrior Roman Holloween Robot Costume Set
H819 Asian Hindu Giant Monster Headdress
H818 Alien Avatar Star War Crystal Headdress
H821Ninja Alien Monster Crystal Headdress