Headdresses & Backpieces

Our headdresses are hand crafted by our professional tailors, using special wire construction. They can be bent and shaped to fit your head comfortably. Our backpack also uses special wire construction. It will bend under your arms and wrap around the shoulders to stay in place. You can bend it in different ways according to what is comfortable.
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C632B Powerful Alien Shoulder Backpack
H621 I Bugis Mystical Mask Headdress
H620 Gold Deer Prince Princess Crystal Headdress
H619 Madonna Dancer Longhorns Crystal Mask Headdress
H618 The Strong Viking Longhorns Warrior Crystal Headdress
C610 Victoria Angel Bird Costume Set
C610B Victoria Angel Bird Backpack Wing
WIGS CHER Bob Short Beaded Wig
C080 Bird of Paradise  Backpack
C602B Indonesian Angel Backpack
C599B Wavy Angel Crystal Wings Backpack
H601 Asian Majestic Angel Crystal Headdress
C080 Paradise Bird  Costume set
B041 Rainbow Drag Burlesque Vegas Feather Backpack
USF Samba Backpack
$179.00 $145.00
USF Samba Headdress
$179.00 $145.00
WIG CHER Red Beaded Wig
WIG CHER Black White Beaded Wig
H100 Iron Man Alien Punk American Indian Headdress
WHITE Headdress backpack Shoulder Piece
H1NP Satan Witch Headdress
$229.00 $189.00
H5KK Dollar King Headdress
$89.00 $71.00
H7NS Indian Princess with clear beads and Crystal Headdress
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)
C076H Samba Rio Feather Headdress Shoulder Pieces
H3KK Maleficent Demons Leather Headdress
H9NK Glamorous Sexy Bird Queen Necklace
$195.00 $156.00
H10NK Pearl Necklace Choker
Chinese Princess Headdress
C2A Queen Stage Pageant Feather Chandelier Headdress
B031 White Flower Dress Giant Collar Backpiece
H1231 Ostrich Feather Crystal Headdress
PT Peacock Crown Headdress
H168 Peacock Queen Showgirl Dance Burlesque Crystal Headdress
C593C The Big Tree Princess Corset Skirt
C593W The Big Tree Princess Crystal Wings
C593 The Big Tree Princess Costume Set
C579H Harvest Angel Fruit Headdress
C574 ISIS Warrior Taboo Costume Set
C574W ISIS Warrior Crystal Wings
C576W Sun Flower Taboo Wings
C577W The Flower Princess Wings
C580H Winter Butterfly Princess Headdress
C580SH Winter Butterfly Princess Backpack Shoulder
C580 Winter Butterfly Princess Costume Set
C578 The Sexy Black Angel Costume Set
C577 The Flower Princess Costume Set
C576H Sun Flower Angle Taboo Headdress
C574H ISIS Warrior Gold Crystal Headdress
C576 Sun Flower Angle Taboo Costume Set
B040H Pink Fuchsia  Flower Headdress & Backpack
M535Z Cher  Bugle Beaded Leotard Bodysuit with Wig
C058BB Victoria Secret Blue Angel Butterfly Headdress Backpack
B04C Pink Fuchsia Tulip Flower Bra Skirt Headdress Backpack Costume Set
C097 Pink Angel Dress Headdress Wings Costume Set
C114 Red Princess Burlesque Headdress Backpack Costume Set
C122B Devil Lady Feather Wings Backpack
C120 Red Devil Lady Feather  Headdress Costume Set
H571 Venus Sequin Fringe Wig Headdress
C058C  Showgirl Brazilian Samba Headdress Backpack Costume Set
C1222 Devil Lady Feather Crystal Samba Headdress Wings Costume Set