Headdresses & Backpieces

Our headdresses are hand crafted by our professional tailors, using special wire construction. They can be bent and shaped to fit your head comfortably. Our backpack also uses special wire construction. It will bend under your arms and wrap around the shoulders to stay in place. You can bend it in different ways according to what is comfortable.
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C105 Red Angel Victoria Secret Ostrich Leotard Bodysuit Headdress Wings
C104 Burlesque Warrior Lady Pheasant Feather Dress Headdress Skirt
C106 Star Angel Feather Crystal Bodysuit Dress Headdress Wings
C107 Burlesque Silver Angel Dress Headdress Wings
B040 Show Vegas Gold Lotus Magnolia Flower Wings Backpiece
B046 Showgirl Burlesque Feather shoulder Collar Backpack
H172 Swan Queen Showgirl Dance Cabaret Crystal Headdress
H173 Noblewoman Showgirl Dance Cabaret Feather Crystal Headdress
H174 Medusa Seaweed Tree Cabaret Feather Crystal Headdress
H175 Chinese Lady Showgirl Dance Cabaret Crystal Headdress
H018C Vegas Showgirl Cabaret Drag White Angel Wing Hat Headdress
H176 Samurai Warrior Showgirl Crystals Umbrella Headdress
H177 Gold Tree Showgirl Dance Burlesque Crystal Headdress
H178 Mask Bird of Paradise Showgirl Pageant Headdress
H180 Chinese Asian Asia Lady Showgirl Pageant Dancer Headdress
H182 Feather Lady Native American Indian Bride Headdress
H184 Queen of Mars Chaman Blue Feather Headdress
WHITE Dance Feather Samba Vegas Headdress backpack Shoulder Piece
H1111 Showgirl Alien Iron Man Robot Giant Face Mask
H184 Lady Japanese Geisha Wig Hair Headdress
H185 Queen of Eagle Showgirl Pageant Dancer Feather Headdress
H186 Queen of Hawk Showgirl Pageant Dancer Feather Headdress
H187 Asian Thai Loa Indonesian Cambodian Showgirl Dancer Headdress
H188 Queen of Arrows Showgirl Pageant Dancer Crystal Headdress
H189 Queen of Chaotic Showgirl Pageant Dancer Crystal Headdress
C664 Angel of Heart Crystal Costume Set
C662A Queen of Paradise Crystal  Costume set
C662 Queen of Paradise Crystal Costume set
H658 Flying Swan Queen Crystal Headdress
H657 Giant Pheasant Queen Parade Colorful Headdress
H653 The Devil Monster Dancer Crystal Mask Headdress
H1862XL Queen of  Big Hawk Crystal Feather Headdress
H6011 Asian Majestic Angel Crystal Headdress
H123A Queen Cleopatra Egypt Pharoah Headdress
C636 Angel Garuda Karura Olympian Artemis Bird Goddess Costume Set
C097 Pink Angel Dress Headdress Wings
C027N Samba Costume set
C633S Military Ancient Egypt Warrior Leather  Shoulder strap
C072 Samba Ostrich Feather Costume Set
EVITA RB Black Feather backpack
HQC644 Sunshine Princess Samba Crystal Crown
C633 Military Ancient Egypt Warrior Snakes Headdress
C0707 Showgirl Vegas Feather Haeddress and Backapck
H626 Ivory God Goddess Crystal Headdress
H624 Roman God Goddess Crystal Headdress
H623 Great Pharaoh Egypt Snake Crystal Headdress
H625 Forest God Goddess Crystal Headdress
C0707 Showgirl Vegas Costume set
C631 Jungle Queen Jacket
H622 Punk Rock Musician Headdress
C632 Powerful Alien Costume Set
C636H Fortune Prince Princess Headdress
C636 Fortune Prince Princess Costume Set
H643 Multi Asian Alien Monster Princess/Prince Crystal Headdress
H641E Monster Longhorns Princess/Prince Headdress
H641D Red Monster Longhorns Princess/Prince Headdress
H641B Black Longhorns Princess/Prince Headdress
H641C Black Longhorns Princess/Prince Headdress
H641A Black Longhorns Princess/Prince Headdress
H642B Civilized City Prince/Princess Crystal Backpack