Headdresses & Backpieces

Our headdresses are hand crafted by our professional tailors, using special wire construction. They can be bent and shaped to fit your head comfortably. Our backpack also uses special wire construction. It will bend under your arms and wrap around the shoulders to stay in place. You can bend it in different ways according to what is comfortable.
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H738 Diamond Queen Headdress
C736 Black Devil Backpack
C728 Astronaut Warrior Costume Set
H665 Show Phoenix Garuda Bird Headdress
H665 Show Phoenix Garuda Bird Headdress Wings Backpiece
C662AH Queen of Paradise Crystal Headdress
B732 The Warm Chic Fairy Shoulder Backpack
H733 Fire Princess Crystal Headdress
H125 Native Americans Indian Hat Headdress
C684A Gold Bushido Blood Angel Costume set
H108H Live Stage DJ Duft Punk Motorcycle Mask Helmet Headdress
C559C Mirror Taboo Bra Skirt Choker
C714 Red Monster Backpack
B0311 Pink Flower Dress Gigantic Collar Backpiece
C722H Warrior of Son Headdress
C719 Twinkle Angel Backpack
C722 Warrior of Son Backpack and Headdress
C720 Giant Heart Angel Backpack
C726 Forest Warrior headdress and backpack
C726 Forest Warrior Headdress
C724 Gold Bird Angel Backpack
C721 Big Tail Bird Angel Backpack
C725 Vine Flower Angel Backpack
C069 Show Phoenix Garuda Bird Headdress
C709H Pretty Bird Ange Headdress
C716H Heaven Bird Angel Headdress
C718 Black Devil Backpack
C717 Arrow Angel Backpack
C716 Heaven Bird Angel Costume Set
C715 Peacock Medusa Backpack and Headdress
C711 Shining Angel Crystal Headdress
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)
C712 The Crow Angel Backpack
C713 Lotus Angel Crystal Costume set
C710 Spark Bird Backpack
C709 Pretty Bird Angel Costume Set
C711 Shining Angel Headdress and Backpack
C026T Robot Bra Skirt Costume
C672 Magnificent Bird Angel Samba Crystal Headdress Wings
C707 White Angel Costume set
C705 Asian Amazon Crystal Costume Set
H685 The Majestic Hawk Crystal Headdress
C701 Butterfly Angel Crystal Costume set
J697 Cleopatra Princess Showgirl Samba Crystal Crowns
J695L The Gypsy Queen Showgirl Pageant Shoulder Necklace Choker
J695 The Gypsy Princess Showgirl Pageant Shoulder Necklace Choker
H693 The Eagle Wizard Witch Headdress
J694 The Eagle Wizard Witch Shoulder Choker
C069 Show Phoenix Garuda Bird Headdress Wings Backpiece
C664A Angel of Heart Crystal Wings Headdress Costume Set
087G2 La Tour Eiffel dame de fer Paris France Eiffel Tower headdress
H655 Prestige of Medusa Crystal Feather Headdress
H685 World Asian Majestic Angel Headdress
H684 Harvest Fruit Flower Angel Headdress
HQC687 Leaf Princess Samba Crystal Crown
Robot Vegas Roman Armor Lady Gaga Man Woman Mirror Thigh Leg Guards
C684 Gold Bushido Blood-Angel Costume-set
H683 Gold Bushido Blood Angel Headdress
B023C Victoria Secret Angel Bra Skirt Costume Set
GRFB Mohawk Queen Headdress
EVITA B0411 Samba Feather Backpack